Help for Ukraine

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

As heavy fighting and bombing continues in different parts of Ukraine, suffering and death toll continues to rise.  Ukraine warns that civilian casualties, including children are increasing and United Nations warns that humanitarian situation is deteriorating.  Over 1 million of refugees are now fleeing from Ukraine to Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary, and there are estimates that this number could rise to five-six million as conflict escalates.

We are thankful for our partners, local churches and ministries that put it upon themselves to stay in the conflict zone to help suffering local population.   Here, in the midst of devastation and despair, local ministries and churches have established ministry hubs in major cities and are working with locals and volunteers to bring immediate help and hope to thousands of refugee families who are terrified, hungry, and homeless.  The support is needed for local population sheltering in their homes, shelters, subways etc. and also to the refugees traveling across country trying to flee the fighting at times with only bare essential supplies and limited finances.

Yet, the need for relief aid is enormous and continues to grow by the hour.  Since food is the greatest immediate need, we are turning to you to help provide urgently needed family food supplies to support families in needs for the foreseeable future.  Our goal is to work with local partners and churches to provide food and other essential supplies to families in need whether they are sheltering in place or fleeing the country for safety.

In partnership with First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church we are led to support the suffering of refugee in Ukraine and we humbly ask you to join us in this effort.  Please help suffering Ukrainian refugee families now by giving to the Ukraine War Refugee Fund.  Please also continue to pray for the end to the war in Ukraine and for protection of our local partners and workers who are responding heroically to the needs of their nation.

Please click on a button below to make a donation. When you make the donation, please select Ukraine War Refugee Fund from drop down.

You can donate by check as well.
Checks can be made to:  Slavic Baptist Church
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